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We’ve got Space

Posted by on Mar 16, 2018

We’ve got Space

levenshume room 2 - We've got Space

Due to a team member moving on to a new project, the therapy room for in Levenshume – Stockport Road can now be rented on a flexible, session-by-session or regular basis.

Easily accessible, free parking within 3 min walking distance and well equipped for a wide range of therapies, we have sessions available in the growing clinic.

This is the perfect opportunity for a massage therapist, osteopath, physiotherapist, acupuncturist, counsellor, podiatrist or other practitioner to rent a fully equipped therapy room on flexible or regular basis or potentially join a team of well established therapists as a core member.

Contact either Renata or Catherine to discuss further or arrange a viewing.

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Complete Therapy for Total Wellbeing

Posted by on Feb 5, 2018

Complete Therapy for Total Wellbeing

b1daed3f b49b 4d4d 8c42 207ec82d6020 - Complete Therapy for Total Wellbeing

Track your stressors.

  1. Keep a diary for a week or two to identify which situations create the most stress and how you respond to them.
  2. Establish boundaries.
  3. Take time to recharge.
  4. Learn how to relax.
  5. Talk to your boss.
  6. Get some support.

Coming soon…a complete mind, body and spirit package to help reduce stress in the workplace.
Contact Claire for more information.

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Reflexology Week

Posted by on Sep 12, 2017

Reflexology Week

reflexology promotion - Reflexology Week

The last week of September is World Reflexology Week when therapists offer special events to promote awareness of reflexology.

Claire will be doing some free taster sessions in the treatment room on Wednesday 20th Sept and providing information about stress in the workplace. If anyone would like to make a donation, proceeds can go to YMCA.

Get in touch with Claire on +44 7855 741804 to book a time slot, or if you are lucky, you may find that you can just turn up and she will be available.

Why not make the end of September a stress-free environment.

Claire Trivino

07855 741804

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What does an Osteopath do?

Posted by on Jun 13, 2017

What does an Osteopath do?

Osteopaths and what they do.

osteopathy what 300x300 - What does an Osteopath do?

I have been answering this question over the last seventeen years in a number of ways.

The most simplistic answer is that an Osteopath will help to heal a hurting human (like the alliteration?).
This involves asking questions about someone’s problem, listening to the answers and physically examining people to discover what the root cause is. Then I use my hands to help the body heal.

I aim to explore what is and is not working properly in the body, make adjustments to reduce any barriers to health and find ways to assist the body’s natural healing.

Sometimes your pain is a symptom of the problem, not the centre of it. Many times, pain can be a distraction from what is actually going on, but I always do what I can to reduce the pain first of all.

Some of the ways I can help include various massage techniques to increase blood flow and relax muscles, stretching of the joints and tissues in the area to improve range of movement. I also perform ‘adjustments’ or ‘manipulation’; the cracking or clicking sound that can be achieved by moving joints in a specific way. This also increases blood circulation, causes reflex relaxation of the surrounding area and improves mobility. At times, I will recommend certain stretches or exercises to assist recovery.

My aim is always to reduce your pain as fast as possible, improve your body function over the medium term and give you the tools to keep yourself in good shape over the long term. Treatments often start close together and gradually spread out as the condition improves. The goal for me is to make you independent of treatment, not reliant on regular visits. If I can get you well enough to only drop in once or twice a year for your service and tune-up; I will have done my job right.

Do call in for a chat on a Wednesday morning or Tuesday afternoon or email me with any questions at

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Posted by on May 31, 2017


25% discount on any therapy in June in Castlefield

25 percent off - June

For a very special ‘kicking off the summer deal’, we are offering a 25% discount on any treatments throughout the month of June at the Castlefield clinic.

Contact any of the team to book your appointment for the treatment you want.

Alex – 07884187991 (text only), or book now - June

Renata – 07891806105 or

Claire – 07855 741804 or

Catherine – 07578 628018 or

This offer applies to old and new customers, for first visits and follow-up appointments and for all of the practitioners.

Take a look at all the things that we can offer over on the ‘what’ page.

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