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Running Technique Coaching

running - Running Technique Coaching

Have you ever wanted to take up running?

Have you tried to run but been injured or demoralised at your progress?

Are you looking to increase your running distances or get better times?

Is ParkRun no-longer challenging enough?

Alex offers a “learn to run in six weeks” programme to get you off the ground.

The six weeks will help to correct running technique and provide muscular reprogramming for correction of movement patterns that lead to injury. You won’t be winning the London Marathon but you should be able to start to run with the best possible start.

The programme is simple and fun and will help you get mobile and fit or improve your speed and prevent injury.

Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) is vital in re-educating the body to improve running technique.
Alex is the the first and only practitioner in the North West and Manchester area to use the unique DMS methodology. Combining Running Technique coaching, DMS and Osteopathy is the quickest way to get you moving at your optimum.

Run from the Beginning

At the first assessment Alex will analyse your technique and functional movement, then we can start on rehabilitation and fixing any incorrect movement patterns. Six, weekly, hour-long sessions will help to turn you into the runner you want to become. Everyone can benefit from the individually targeted programme suitable for any level.

Children and adults can learn. If you have no experience or lots of experience, learning correct technique will improve your efficiency. Running correctly will also reduce the risk of injury and increase speed. Most of all we can have fun and enjoy the training.

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